Tweet & Tea Box

The Garden Crowd

  • £20.00

Tweet & Tea

This is the ultimate British bird lovers box - it has bird food & artisan tea! I personally enjoy nothing more than making a good cup of tea (in a cute strainer of course) and sitting watching the birds. It seemed like the perfect idea to create a box dedicated to watching birds & drinking the nations favourite drink! 

Box Contents

  • 500g of our unique Signature Seed mix 
  • Gorgeous Artisan Tea from the Lichfield Tea Company 
  • A little tea bag tea strainer 
  • Blackbird 'Field Notes' Notebook 
  • High-quality Metal Seed Feeder

Who is it for?

This box is perfect for you, if you like watching birds & enjoying feeding them great quality bird seed. As well as this you probably love a good brew!

If you're buying for someone else, it is a great gift for:

  • Birthdays
  • Father's Day
  • Mother's Day
  • Just a general 'you're fab' box! 

The Seed Mix

Signature Seed is unique to The Garden Crowd - why is it so good?:

  • It's packed with protein, fat & high-energy foods
  • It has omega 3, 6 & 9 
  • It is loved by all sorts of birds including tits, robins, sparrows & finches - even the blackbirds love a cheeky nibble!
  • It is wheat & filler free and only has stuff they will actually eat (you know the mess under your current feeder? That isn't spillage that is stuff they have chucked out!).
  • It costs a little more than the stuff in Wilkos or The Range but it's got exciting and nutritional seeds that come from farms around the UK and it's not bulked out with 40% corn, peas or millet.
  • You will see an increase in your birds and probably the varieties.
  • If your neighbour is feeding them the standard stuff and you put this out, your birds will come to you because they know what is nutritionally good for them!
  • It is loved by 9 out of 10 birds in Derbyshire - yes we are that geeky!

This mix is made from:

  • Sunflower Hearts - high energy, natural oils and a good source of protein
  • Kibbled Peanuts - loved by lots of birds and a good source of fat
  • Pinhead Oatmeal - excellent carb & fat levels and no husk or mess
  • Safflower - a great husk free alternative to black sunflower seeds. Full of proteins
  • Nyger Seed - great for overall health and colourful feathers
  • Perilla Seed - which is packed with omega 3, 6 & 9

All our blends are made in our sheds in Derbyshire, UK and mixed by hand. We are an independent, small and British brand. Our bags are recyclable so there is no waste!

Extra Info

How to feed:

These blend is perfect for use in feeders and on covered trays or tables. You can add to ground feeders too! It will be loved by many including Blue Tits, Great Tits, Coal Tits, Nuthatches, Long-tailed Tits and more. 

Boring Bits:

  • We send these boxes out via a 48hr courier delivery. If you order before 12 midday it will be despatched from us the same day 
  • If your birds don't like it - we offer a price back guarantee! 


We donate 3% of our profits to British bird and wildlife charities in the UK including the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust


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