Songbird Blend

Garden Crowd

  • £9.95

Our Songbird mix is perfect for attracting birds like Blackbirds, Thrushes and even Robins to your garden. The blend has a variety of fruits, seeds, and suet that will be enjoyed by songbirds in your garden. 

Why is it great? 

  • It has real berries and a high proportion of fruit. 
  • It has our wheat free, high-quality berry suet added to the mix. 
  • It has no wheat, cracked corn or red millet - which no one loves apart from Pigeons!
  • The mix can be added to tables, trays and ground areas without risk of mess or growth. 

The Mix

Our mixes are made from a variety of different ingredients including:

  • Elderberries -  high in Vitamins A, B and C. Also a natural source of carbohydrate and amino acids. 
  • Sultanas - good source of Vitamin C & K plus potassium
  • Pinhead Oatmeal - fantastic source of much need carbs and fats 
  • Berry Suet 

Our Songbird mix is soft making it easy for soft-billed birds to eat but packed full of nutrients, vitamins and tasting stuff! 

All our blends are hand-blended in Scotland, UK. We are an independent, small and British brand. Our bags are kraft paper and recyclable so there is no waste or plastic packaging. 

Extra Info

How to feed:

This blend is perfect for use on trays and tables. It will be loved by many garden birds Blackbirds, Thrushes, Robins and more. 

Size & Delivery

  • Choose from the right size for your garden birds - this seed comes in 1kg & 5kg bags
  • Subscribe and choose when you want this to be delivered. We will send it out and you'll never run out!
  • If the birds don't like it (are they even birds?) we will give you your money back!


We donate 3% of our profits to British bird and wildlife charities in the UK

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