Natural Nut Suet Pellets

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Suet Story 

Not all suet is created equal, some cheap suet is full of wheat & no actual goodness - it can even be glued together with wood glue! When you open a bag of cheaper suet what do you smell? It's horrid, isn't it? Well, that isn't the case with ours, we have an all natural suet with no filler made with peanut flour. 

When you open the bag to one of our suets you smell real natural smells - our peanut suet even gives people nut cravings! 

Why is it so good?

  • It is made from all natural ingredients including high-quality beef suet 
  • It is full of the right kind of fat that small birds need 
  • It isn't full of filler that attracts pigeons!
  • It has added insects or blackcurrant juice (depending on which one you choose) 

Nut Suet

  • This is a mix of the berry & a peanut suet which has a high-level of peanut flour plus kibbled peanuts. 

Extra Info

How to feed:

This blend is perfect for use in window feeders, Robin feeders, suet feeders trays and tables.

It will be loved by many garden birds including Robins, Blackbirds, Blue Tits, Great Tits, Coal Tits, Sparrows, Dunnocks Nuthatches, Long-tailed Tits and more. 

Size & Delivery

  • Choose from the right size for your garden birds - this suet comes in 1kg & 5kg bags
  • Subscribe and choose when you want this to be delivered. We will send it out and you'll never run out!
  • If the birds don't like it (are they even birds?) we will give you your money back!


We donate 3% of our profits to British bird and wildlife charities in the UK 

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