About Us

Supporting Garden Birds 

As a nation we love nature, especially birds yet we have failed to protect their habitats and so numbers of garden birds are in steep decline. We can do something about this. Creating new places for them to live alongside us is quite simple. Birds are like us they need good food, shelter & space to raise their families. Putting up nest boxes, feeders & leaving wild areas in our gardens will help bird populations recover.

Your garden birds are just like us, they need a good provision of nutritional bird food. They need bird food to survive harsh Winters, raise fledglings in the Spring and get through times of decreased natural food supply. Our weather is changing in the UK, Springs are coming later, fruiting plants are not thriving, and natural food is no longer in the abundance it once was.

This is where you come in. Supplying your garden birds with the right food is key to their wellbeing and indeed yours.

Our Mixes 

We make nutritional, natural wild bird food that is suitable for a range of different garden birds. Birds need more than just seeds plus different birds have different dietary needs. Robins for instance have a completely different beak shape, eating style and diet to Goldfinches.

Our mixes are made using only wheat & filler free ingredients; you won’t see maize, cracked corn, peas, red dari in our mixes – these are only enjoyed by large birds. The seeds we choose for our mixes are perfect for the small birds in your garden.

Wild Bird Food - Garden Crowd

Our seeds are successful in attracting new birds to our customers gardens because they have the nutrition that birds need and are blended to suit their needs at different times of the year. We often update our ranges to include more seasonal and specialised mixes like our Nest & Fledgling mix and our Winter Warmer collection that arrives towards the end of Autumn.

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