The Office Box

The Garden Crowd

  • £37.50

Office Health

Studies have shown that watching birds out of the window improves the mental well-being of office workers. It makes people less anxious, stressed and depressed. Bird song can also help to prevent mental blocks and fatigue in the afternoon. With this in mind, why not have a box of seed delivered to your office monthly.

Why get this box?

  • The box is packed with 4 bags of our exciting, nutritional and wheat free blends
  • It attracts more birds and more varieties of bird - so you're guaranteed to get some at the office 
  • Individual bags mean people can take it in turns to fill up the feeders!
  • It is shipped at the same time every month so you won't run out
  • Our boxes & bags are recyclable and not made of plastic - so there is no waste! 
  • You will receive new and exciting blends that are seasonal and what the birds need! 
  • Sometimes you might get a blend noone else has tried yet!

How it works?

Our bird food is hand-blended in our sheds in Derbyshire, where we have been making bird seed for a number of years for our own Garden Crowd. Our bird food is free from wheat, fillers like peas, corn & red millet. Our bags are recyclable so there is no waste or plastic!

How does it work? 

Sign-up to the a monthly subscription and you will receive a box every month full of bird food. 

Extra Info

The Boring Bits:

  • Delivery is included in your box cost 
  • Choose the duration you would like your boxes to be sent 
  • Our packaging is recyclable and there is no waste 
  • Our boxes are delivered the same time each month and are charged (when it auto-renews) on 3rd of the month. 


We donate 3% of our profits to British bird and wildlife charities in the UK including the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust


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