Subscription Box

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  • £12.50

Subscription Box

  • Do you love getting post full of exciting goodies?
  • Do you love sharing this post with highly excited birds?
  • Do you always run out of bird food and don't have time to fill up the feeders? - Birds go off people like this!

We know that some people answer YES to one or all of these and that's why we have developed a subscription box service for our Bird Seed. Personally we love subscription boxes so it felt natural to create our own! 

What do you get?

  • It is a box that arrives with 4 bags of exciting, seasonal & nutritional food
  • The bags are 250g and are always a bit different depending on what the birds need
  • We add a little information card to help you and your birds get the most out of the seed

Why get it?

  • Our subscription boxes arrive the same time every month so you won't need to remember to pick up your bird food.
  • Some of the blends are brand-new and you'll be the first to test them!
  • Our boxes & the bags are recyclable and not made of plastic so there is not waste!

Extra Info

How does it work?

The Boring Bits:

  • Choose your duration - 3, 6 or 12 months (this does auto-renew)
  • Purchase as a gift or for yourself - if it is a gift you can download the certificate here 
  • Our boxes are delivered the same time every month and are charged on the 3rd of the month.
  • Our boxes include monthly shipping!


We give 3% of our profits to wildlife charities including the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. 

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