Why your Robins & their friends need our Robin & Friends mix?

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You might think that Robins only eat mealworms, but that actually isn’t the case. Robins love variety, they love suet & they love fruit. They enjoy finding new things in their foods and they are the first birds to notice if something is different in their territories. With all that in mind I created a mix that was both nutritious for Robin & their friends but also full of things they love!

Filler & Wheat Free

Like all of The Garden crowd mixes our Robin & Friends mix has no wheat or filler. It has no flaked or naked wheat, no buckwheat or any other cheap wheat types that you find in other seed mixes. Why don’t I add wheat?

That’s pretty simple, the small birds don’t eat it. Lots of companies will have you believe that wheat is a great staple for birds, but in actual fact it is only really liked by larger ground feeding birds like pigeons, magpies, crows or sparrows that have no other nutritional alternative.

It is a cheap filler and unfortunately a false economy in the long run. You might think it’s a bargain to pick up big sacks of cheap mixes — and I did when I first started feeding them — but actually it is offering little to no nutritional value and just gets left anyway.

What do I mean by filler? Split peas, cracked corn, cracked maize, red and white dari seeds & naked flaked oats. Other bird food mixes have up to 40% of this stuff in their food mixes. That’s 40% of the food that birds won’t eat(small birds anyway — if you want to feed the pigeons, crows, magpies and the occasional pheasant then choose this mix).

The Robin & Friends mix is purely made up of the foods they actually will eat, it is a clean plate mix without the price increase!

Packed with Fruit — it is 20% of the mix infact!

Our Robin & Friends mix is unique because it is packed with 20% fruit. Robins are soft-billed birds like their friends and they enjoy eating juicy fruits like Sultanas, Raisin, Apples & other berries. I wanted this mix to both represent their natural diets and their slightly sweet tooth. The Robin & Friends mix has Sultanas, diced apple & cranberries (which you won’t find anywhere else).

The added fruit isn’t just about giving the some sweetness either. Cranberries have incredible superfood qualities for birds. They are great for the immune system and contain moderate levels of vitamin C, dietry fibre and manganese — an essential dietry mineral, as well as a balanced profile of other essential micronutrients.

Sultanas are the same, they are a good source of Potassium and Manganese, and a good source of Dietary Fibre, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. All these things help birds stay strong and healthy which leads to better reproduction & a better chance of survival in what is quite a harsh world.

High-quality suet, without the disgusting smell!

Smells so good you often think it is edible!

Once I considered the fruit & the filler free mix, I had to make sure the Suet stood up to the rest of it. I wanted a suet that wasn’t just wheat flour and a flavouring. It is silly to think that all suet is made equal, it isn’t! Cheaper suet is made of wheat, grains and has hardly any vitamin or nutritional qualities. Really cheap suet is sometimes held together with wood glue!

Our suet is a high-quality beef fat suet with peanut flour, quinoa and insects. It is a different colour to normal suet and even has a fantastic, yummy peanut smell.

What is the mix?

  • Cranberries, sultanas and diced apple — packed with energy, vitamin C & K
  • Mealworms — a rich source of protein and fat.
  • Sunflower Hearts — provide garden birds with a rich source of oil, protein and energy, they are mess free and they are husk free.
  • High-quality suet — natural fats and protein.
  • Pinhead Oatmeal — excellent Carb & Fat. No Husks, no meeds. Packed with Protein.

High-quality mealworms

Robins & their mates love mealworms and they are a fantastic source of fat and protein for little garden birds. Our mix has a good proportion of mealworms so that it doesn’t get too samey for them but they get the nutrition they need.

Mealworms are a tasty treat that birds find irresistible. Many species, especially robins and blackbirds, love these additive-free treats, which have all the goodness of live mealworms (beetle larvae). These insects are a rich source of protein, fiber and fats that are key for muscle development in birds.


When I started to feed my Garden Crowd, I was frustrated at how much plastic was being used — most bird food comes in plastic bags! Unless you are completely shut off from the world you will know how many articles are now written about plastic, how we need to stop making it and how ultimately we need to find new packaging for our products.

In case you haven’t heard here’s an article on it, and another, and another and I’ve found another one (that was in a quick search)!

If you’re a bird lover then just by that statement you should be a nature lover or at least want to create a better planet for both animals and humans.

I certainly do! So the Robin & Friends mix along with all the Garden Crowd mixes come in 100% recyclable materials, even the labels and the windows. They are still lined with a recycled material that means your seeds will stay fresh (although the birds love them so much you don’t have to worry about storage for months!).

A few extra reasons that need less explanation

  • I choose all the seeds from a supplier we know well who sources seeds from the UK and British farms.
  • The seeds are high-quality and healthy seeds when they go into their packets
  • The seeds are all hand-blended because quality is important to me, and I like to know that what goes in the packets is good!
  • The Garden Crowd is a small independent UK business based in Derbyshire and I’m a bird enthusiast!
  • It can be great for your health too. Sitting out and watching birds or hearing their bird song is a well-known stress reliever (I know from experience that it helps to make you calm).
  • We offer a money back guarantee if your birds don’t like it!

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