Why you should buy an Autumn & Winter bird food

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Birds need our support in the colder months, that’s a fact. They also need the right level of nutrition too, there’s no point adding bird food that isn’t going to support them and help them to stay healthier when the weather is tough.

Birds can lose up to 20% of their own body weight in one night during the cold weather so it is important for them to be able to make a trip to your feeder knowing they will get the right food.

If the food that is out on the feeder doesn’t support them with the right nutrition it could mean wasted trips, multiple trips and ultimately using up more of that important energy and body weight. 

Choosing an Autumn & Winter mix is really important and they address all of these issues, the mixes are made so that more fats and carbs are added and will offer your birds more of what they need. 

Our Autumn & Winter mix has been specially made with small garden birds in mind and we have thought about the seeds they need for the colder months. 

The mix includes a variety of seeds and ingredients that will support your birds when the hardest months set in, and it if it is anything like last year it is going to be a very cold Winter! 

Our Autumn & Winter mix includes some of the following ingredients.

  • Sunflower Hearts — excellent carbs, fats & protein and no husks!
  • Hempseed — high fat & carbs which is really helpful when you’re losing your feathers!
  • Pinhead Oats — high oil and nutrition and perfect for piling on the much-needed weight build up. 
  • Linseeds — an excellent source of carbs and fats — these are particularly important in the colder months as they have a high proportion of Vitamins A, E and D and will help your birds gain weight and give them vitamins they can’t get from the sun. 
  • Mealworm Beef Suet much need fat and protein. We use a high-quality beef suet that has a lot of fat to support the birds need to put on weight to get them through the nights. 
  • Kibbled Peanuts — a great source of fats for birds and particularly loved by all types of birds. 

Our mixes do not contain any wheat or filler such as Maize, Corn or Dari. 

You can also supplement these foods with Fat Balls and Fat blocks which are great for birds in the colder months. Adding ingredients from the kitchen like Cheese and unsalted bacon can help too. 

We have designed our Robin & Friends mix so that it compliments the Autumn and Winter mix with a range of berries and mealworms that offer birds a great source of vitamins and proteins too! 

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