Why you should become a member of a wildlife organisation — here’s our comparison of the choices.

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Now more than ever our support for the wildlife organisations is important. Government funding cuts have left them dependent on the support of us individuals. As well as knowing you are supporting charity work for wildlife here in the UK, it is also a brilliant way of engaging with nature. Lots of the charities offer free entries, magazines and even gifts to join them. It can also be a great way to get kids involved with nature.

There are a great deal of charities in the UK that you can support by donating or joining. You are really spoilt for choice and they all do fantastic work for our UK wildlife. We’ve put together a quick guide to the top 4 for you to have a look and check out which one suits you the best!

The Guide:

RSPB — The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

The RSPB is the largest nature conservation charity in the country. They started in 1889 and continue to grow and support the needs of wildlife here in the UK. They own a large proportion of land in the UK and want to increase this by 2020 creating amazing homes for nature.

Taken from the RSPB website https://www.rspb.org.uk/

The RSPB is also the founders of the Big Garden Birdwatch and it has now been running for over 25 years. This year 420,489 of you took to your gardens and parks this year, collectively spotting an incredible 6,764,475 birds! You can read the full report here

The membership:

  • Individual membership — £4 per month (or you can donate more)
  • Join membership — (up to 2 adults) £4 per month and again you can donate more
  • Family membership — for 2 adults and up to 5 children £5 per month

The membership includes:

  • Free gift — choose from a the RSPB Bird Guide or a Seed Feeder & Seed
  • Unlimited entry to over 170 UK reserves here is a map
  • Natures home magazine every quarter

The RSPB uses 90% of the money from memberships towards conservation, education and advocacy.

Wildlife Trusts UK

Taken from the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust website http://www.wildlifetrusts.org/join

The Wildlife Trust is a large charity in the UK that is broken down to 47 areas. For example if you live in Derbyshire you would join and support the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. They case for 2,300 diverse nature reserve, remote woods, rivers and inner city nature parks.

Each of the 47 areas have been formed by groups of people that want to make a difference where they live. 93% of the population in the UK live within 6 miles of a wildlife trust reserve (10 miles in Scotland).

The membership:

  • Individual — £2.50 per month
  • Joint — (up to 2 adults) £3 per month
  • Family — £3.50 per month (this includes 1–2 adults and 4 children)

The membership includes:

  • Entry to the nature reserves in your trust
  • 3 copies of the magazine a year
  • 3 event guides a year
  • Children receive a membership badge, magazines, stickers and a wildlife watchers handbook

BTO — British Trust of Ornithology

Taken from the BTO website https://www.bto.org/support-us/join

Unlike the RSPB or the Wildlife Trusts the BTO doesn’t have it’s own reserves but it is a brilliant charity to be apart of. You certainly can get involved in lots of their projects, bird counting, heronries census (now in it’s 90th year) and other surveys. The BTO does a lot of scientific research, bird ringing, nest recording and has it garden birdwatch that you can get involved in.

The membership:

  • Individual — £3 per month
  • Joint — (up to 2 adults and includes a free young birders membership) £4 per month
  • Benefactor membership — £10 per month
  • Young Birder — £12 per month

The membership includes:

  • Free gift on joining
  • BTO News magazine
  • Welcome membership pack
  • The benefactor membership includes a lapel pin and access to the BTO journals (they will send the ones you want on request).

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust

he Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) is a conservation charity that saves wetlands, which are essential for life itself. Wetlands are the primary source of drinking water for people and wildlife. They also connect us with nature, and with ourselves, through beautiful landscapes and inspiring encounters with wildlife.

The WWT have Wetland centres in the UK and manage 3,000 hectares of wetland habitat which is essential for wildlife.

Wetlands are amazing. Where land meets water, there’s more wildlife than almost anywhere on the planet. Animals literally queue to get into wetlands. They’re great places to get close to wildlife. They’re places to relax, be inspired and feel at one with the world around you.

The membership:

  • Individual — £4.33 per month
  • Joint — (up to 2 adults) £6.58 per month
  • Family — £5.75 per month (includes 2 adults and up to 6 children)
Taken from the WWT website https://www.wwt.org.uk/join/join-now/

The membership includes:

  • Unlimited entry to the 9 wetlands in the UK
  • Waterlife magazine delivered 4 times a year
  • WWT welcome guide
  • The ability to built the queues

Whatever you choose there is a lot on offer for individuals, couples and families both going to reserves and taking part in the great work these organisations do!

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