Offer nesting material for your garden birds — 5 ideas for you to try!

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You may have already put up nestboxes and now you’re wondering what you can do, well actually adding nesting material to your garden can be a fantastic help to birds. I started doing this last year and it proved to be a big hit among my garden birds. 

Lots of birds begin building nests in March, some have already started a little earlier — depending on the weather — blackbirds, thrushes and longtails may attempt to build their nests in Februrary. It is a great time to really watch your birds and add extras to the garden — you can really help bird parents and have a positive impact on the small birds on your doorstep. 

Adding nesting material is one of those ways and actually it can be a lot of fun! Many garden birds like Robins, Tits and Dunnocks like soft materials for their nests — they will use natural things like Moss and feathers but you can really help by adding animal furs, man-made fibres and other soft products that they can use. 

I came across a few ways to add nesting material to your garden — here are my 7 favourites: 

1: Adding moss, twigs & other bits of the natural garden

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It doesn’t always have to be stuff from your home, wedding doing some early spring clearance think about gathering up the items for your birds in one handy place. It can make a great difference to their energy levels if they know there is a place for them to find stuff. 

2: Create a nesting ball with some mesh and string

You can add things like cotton wool to a mesh ball and hang it up. You might even find finches on it, they are also partial to softer nesting materials. 

3: Add your pet furs to a suet cage or mesh feeder

There is one thing your pets can help with during the breeding season — although we recommend keeping cats inside — if you brush them save the fur. Birds enjoy all kinds of pet fur including Cat & Dog. Give your pets a regular brush and add to suet cage or mesh feeder

4: Get animal fur from farms

Don’t have your own pets, no problem! You can purchase things like alpaca wool, farmyard animal hair and wool from farms. Lots of them have excess that they would be happy to supply to you. Or you can buy online! 


5: Yarn and man-made fibres. 

It doesn’t have to be a natural thing like animal fur, birds are equally happy with man-made yarns, bits of soft string cut up and it can be hilarious to watch your garden birds carrying off coloured bits of yarn. Just simply cut it up into small pieces and stuff in a suet cage or mesh feeder, sit back and watch the magic! 

We’ve created a Pinterest Board dedicated to the wonderful creative ways you can supply Nesting Material to your birds during the start of spring! 

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